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There is no denying Jesus gave commands. If people consider themselves to belong to Jesus in any sense then how can they ignore what He said? If His commands were to be ignored then why did He give them and why were they written down? If He did not expect us to obey them then why did He ask (and still asks), why do we call Him “Lord” and not obey them? There is room to argue over how literally He intended each of His commands to be taken, as well as about what the consequences of obeying (or not obeying). Many of Jesus's commands require interpretation to discover the principal behind His words, to discover what He wants us to do.

It is not important that you accept my interpretation. If you begin asking yourself (and asking Him) what you are to do with His words you have taken a big step toward obeying Jesus. This work is to help you learn. Not to teach you. God is the teacher. What I have written here could be wrong. I pray that it is not. I also pray that God will teach you His truth even when I am wrong. Perhaps He will push you to study the scriptures yourself to discover the exact truth. If this work leads you to open the scriptures and read and think about the commands of Jesus, then it will have accomplished much. If this work does no more than lead you to search for other material and find something better it will have accomplished something.